James N. Frey’s 10 Rules of Writing

James N. Frey, award-winning teacher, author and most noted for How to Write A Damn Good Novel! was the keynote speaker last night at the Pikes Peak Writer’s Annual Conference in Colorado Springs. A good choice. His speech was funny, Continue reading James N. Frey’s 10 Rules of Writing

Goblin Market

“Come buy our orchard fruits,Come buy, come buy:Apples and quinces,Lemons and oranges,Plump unpecked cherries-Melons and raspberries,Bloom-down-cheeked peaches,Swart-headed mulberries,Wild free-born cranberries,Crab-apples, dewberries,Pine-apples, blackberries,Apricots, strawberries–All ripe togetherIn summer weather–Morns that pass by,Fair eves that fly;Come buy, come buy;Our grapes fresh from the Continue reading Goblin Market