Blog Action Day

“It is a simple fact of life on earth that there is going to be no successful mitigation of the climate change problem without a truly global effort. All developing companies or all major developing countries have to be part of that and accept substantial constraints on greenhouse gas emissions.” Ross Garnaut Today, October 15th… Continue reading Blog Action Day

The Love of October

“A child looking at ruins grows youngerbut coldand wants to wake to a new nameI have been younger in Octoberthan in all the months of springwalnut and may leaves the colorof shoulders at the end of summera month that has been to the mountainand become light therethe long grass lies pointing uphilleven in death for… Continue reading The Love of October

Rainy cold October

The most beautiful of all is the music of what happens. Irish proverb There is one full day left of the residency and I have found it hard, no…difficult, to write here. This afternoon I got caught in a rainstorm that left me soaking wet, my sneakers are soggy and the lower half of my… Continue reading Rainy cold October

Find Your Real Job

The first duty of a human being is to assume the right functional relationship to society — more briefly, to find your real job, and do it. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Back at school

It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by. How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? For the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone. That is where the writer scores over his fellows: he catches the changes… Continue reading Back at school