Each Day Is A Journey

“Each day is a journey and the journey itself home.” Matsuo Basho Part of the shell collection The extinct passenger pigeon On Thursday, my friend and I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a behind the scenes tour from a new friend that we met at the writer’s conference. In the Artist’s… Continue reading Each Day Is A Journey

Catching up on a creative life

Three days off ahead of me…with just a few hours of paperwork to take care of first! I’ll be blogging this weekend, most likely tomorrow and Monday. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Facing Down Rejection

Although I don’t have any statistics on rejections I do know that many best-selling authors often boast of how many rejections they received before they got their first work published.  And almost every how-to writing book includes a chapter on accepting rejection as part of the writing process. Successful writers all say the same thing…surviving… Continue reading Facing Down Rejection

Christina Katz Platform Resolutions for Writers

Platform Resolutions for Writers 2010 Before writers establish an author platform, they typically establish a writer platform. Over the past decade, thousands of writers have parlayed established influence into traditional book deals. Landing a traditional book deal is still an effective way to exponentially increase your credibility and visibility. Your “platform” refers to what you… Continue reading Christina Katz Platform Resolutions for Writers