Drive Traffic to Your Blog

5 Free Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog Without traffic your blog can’t make you money or help promote your business. Here are five easy to execute tips to help drive targeted traffic directly to your blog.Every blog owner wants one thing—traffic. Without it your blog is an isolated and unprofitable space on… Continue reading Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Overwritten Prose

A good blog post I found recently on overwriting. Are you guilty of overwriting? Today, read this very information blog post and then read some of your recent writings? What do you think? Lovingly, The Writing Nag

Putting Writing Last

“He wore white shoes and a yellow sports jacket, and Ellen could not help thinking of the yellow jackets that hovered around the pears when her mother ate lunch in the backyard during the summer.”  Nancy Willard, from Sister Water. I am often guilty of it…putting writing last when I want to put it first.… Continue reading Putting Writing Last

Where You’re From

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.” John Ed Pearce Where you’ve lived, live today and where you were brought up have a huge impact on your writing voice and style. I found this in an old notebook last night, I wish I could… Continue reading Where You’re From