Eating Poetry: An example of a surrealist poem

Surrealist poetry: have you ever looked to your dreams for a source of inspiration? Or maybe you have a vivid imagination and include both reality and your subconscious to stimulate your writing. While there are many techniques to access your subconscious mind, my favorite is to wake early and start writing without letting the pen stop. Whereever your thoughts and words go, don’t judge, don’t let your conscious brain take over until your timed writing session is complete.

What are some techniques of a surrealist poem?

One of my favorite examples of a surrealist poem is Eating Poetry by Mark Strand: The Poetry Foundation

What do you think about Mark Strand’s poem Eating Poetry? Before reading any analysis of Eating Poetry, what are your first thoughts? Strand’s use of language, the poem’s place, the other characters: the dogs on the basement stairs, the librarian with her hands in her pocket, and the transformation of the eater.

Have you used “play” in writing or editing an existing poem? eat poetry, write poetry






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