The Cricket in Times Square

In each of my characters there is a little of me. Not strictly autobiographical but a little piece of my soul.
Dario Argento

Last night when I was locking up the cafe I heard a cricket chirping from somewhere up in the high ceiling. I immediately thought of the children’s book The Cricket in Times Square and even though it’s been more than thirty years since I read the book I could visualize the characters and the little details that George Selden wrote about. That is great writing. I’m guessing that Mr. Selden put a lot of his soul into this book. If you write fiction are your characters memorable or will the reader forget them once the book in closed? My goal is to create characters that readers will think about when they put down the book. Today create a character that is memorable because of the details, it could be a page or two or the beginning of a short story. Now get back to work.


The Writing Nag

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