Clutter and writing

The reason 99% of all stories written are not bought by editors is very simple. Editors never buy manuscripts that are left on the closet shelf at home.
John W. CampbellPart of my office clutter is my unorganized writing projects that overflow my file cabinet, my desk and a corner in my closet. This weekend I have decided that this might be part of the reason I struggle with submitting. I believe that once I go through my work and organize it, I will be successful. Many top freelancers say they are not better writers but just better marketers. They believe there are many markets out there for each piece of work. This weekend my goal is to spend at least two hours of decluttering along with two hours of submitting.
Do you have a manuscript that is sitting on the closet shelf or hiding in a corner? Do you get lost in the clutter at your writing area? Today after your daily writing spend one hour decluttering your writing. You may find tucked away a great piece of work that with a little polishing could be sent out to several markets on Monday morning. Now get back to work.Lovingly,The Writing Nag

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