Writing Goals

The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.
-Gene Donohue

July 31, marks the last day to change our goals for my writing critique group. When I look back at my ambitious thoughts in January it all seemed very doable. But as the year advanced and I took on more and more projects, all I have to say is what was I thinking? When you are setting goals for writing they should be ambititious, you should push yourself a little but I also think there needs to be an element of reality. Write and have published an award-winning chick lit novel (while not my real goal) could be broken down into doable, achievable mini-goals. I think it’s important to feel successful every step of the way. Today look at your writing goals for the rest of the year or if you don’t have any take some time to write some. Are they achievable? Take a look at this article by Moira Allen on goal setting for writers. Good information.Now get back to work.


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