Becoming a Writer

It only takes one person to change your life – you.
Ruth Casey

I didn’t get serious about writing until I figured that out. There wasn’t anyone who was going to get me what I wanted, I had to do it all by myself.I could take all the writing classes, read all the books, attend all the conferences and critique groups but until I decided to change and set into motion everything I’ve learned nothing would happen. I have met so many writers who don’t write because of rejections or they’re waiting for inspiration.I simply can’t wait anymore. So I’m writing daily, submitting, and yes collecting rejections along the way. But there’s been more positive than negative this year because I decided to change my writing life. Today, write a page about what you could do differently in August that you haven’t done the rest of the year…in your quest to become a writer.Now get back to work!


The Writing Nag

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