Does Your Writing Have Punch?

The things I like to find in a story are punch and poetry.
~ Sean O’Faolain

This week is my week to work on my manuscript, while I try to work on it every day I find myself working on the writing that might bring me some more immediate money. But ever since I joined Book-in-A-Week I participate in the monthly challenge to just write. It’s been good for me and in those weeks I just produce rough work with no editing. But it lacks punch. And if you have ever started a book and couldn’t finish it, it lacked punch. Punch is that little something that keeps a reader reading, that peaks an editors interest, and makes for a good story. Today, take a look at some writing pieces that keep getting rejected and see if they could be rewritten with some punch. Or maybe they have punch but they need a little poetry. That’s an easy fix.Now get back to work!


The Writing Nag
Butt in chair-hands on keyboard-typing away madly this week

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