Getting Published

Writing is not the lottery. New writers have to be realistic about what it takes to get published. But there is one similarity to the lottery: You have to play to win.
— Lori Perkins, literary agent

This morning this headline on wordstrumpet’s blog intrigued me. “Publishing’s Dirty Little Secret”. Very good post, thanks wordstrumpet.

Yesterday, I got yet another rejection and an email that my poem received an Honorable Mention at one of my favorite sites, Artella. If you haven’t visited it’s a wonderful site that celebrates the “dance of words and art”. My goal this week is to spend less time on the writing that doesn’t keep me in stamps and more on submissions.I’m also getting ready to sell my cards that I’ve been working on with my good accountability friends. I will have them online soon. Some vintage images, some photography.

Today, spend some time editing your work, getting it ready to be published. If you don’t have anything ready freewrite for thirty minutes about the dog days of summer. Now get back to work!


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