Poetry Cooks!

Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. ~Leonard Cohen

Maybe that’s why I love poetry so much, for me it’s very cheap therapy. I just found this poetry site with prompts that I thought was worth sharing. I’m looking forward to reading more posts as soon as I finish this.

The last two months I’ve been writing a lot of poetry 34 poems last count. Not all of it is good but like daily writing the more you write the more quality stuff rises to the surface. This week I’m going to be concentrating on sending out more poetry submissions. Many of the literary poetry journals are based in universities and now that school is starting again they will soon be open to reading more submissions. As I probably mentioned before Duotrope is one of my favorite sites for submitting, but I also love winning writers which includes a list of free poetry contests and lets you know which journals, contests, websites they recommend (this comes with a small subscription price) but it’s very much worth it.If anyone knows of any other worthy poetry sites I would love to expand my list. Today write a poem that is evidence of your life at this moment of time. Now get back to work!


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