Learning to Write

All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things.
Bobby Knight
Can you remember back to second grade and learning to write? Although I had been reading for some time learning cursive writing was a big deal.And then when I started writing sentences and stories, my whole world opened up. In fourth grade my first book was published by a very small publishing house, my mom and my uncle ran it and I still remember the joy of holding the construction paper cover of The Princesses of Gugalachi that my cousin Karen and I wrote, we decorated each cover with drawings of flowers and then tried to sell them to our classmates. And although there was never a second printing. I was hooked. And no I never went on to greater things. At least not yet.
Today, write a personal essay about second grade, thinking back might bring back some other good memories to explore and write about. And then thank a teacher, or at least put it out there. Thanks Mrs. Pulaski! Now get back to work!

Lovingly and with great respect for our teachers,

The Writing Nag

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