Fear of Submission

A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb

A friend recently asked me where all my energy is coming from…I think this quote explains it perfectly. I’ve been writing for more than fifteen years, submitting about eight months. Now, I’m feeling I wish I had started this years ago but what’s wrong with today? Today is a good day to start on a path of daily writing and submitting. Unless of course you are writing only for yourself and your family, who thinks everything you write is brilliant and needs no editing at all. If that’s the case, continue on. You’re already there. But if you’re like me, take some time today for submission. I submitted three poems this morning, it took me less than two minutes. In October, I’m pushing myself a little further with a “Submissionathon” how many good submissions or queries can I send out if I really push myself. If you’d like to join me please comment on this post. I will remind you again at the end of September, then we’ll see how all the effort pays off by the end of the year. Now get back to work!

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  1. And, oh what a wonderful writing nag you are! I was utterly delighted to stumble into this refreshing and inspiring blog and I can hardly wait to see how your “Submissionthon” turns out. I pray it exceeds your wildest dreams. If you wouldn’t care, I’d like to share this particular post with the students I teach and also challenge them to a submissionthon. Please reply to teach_mills@yahoo.com.

    Until tomorrow’s postig; be well and do good things!

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