Creating a world of images

We read five words on the first page of a really good novel and we begin to forget that we are reading printed words on a page; we begin to see images.
John Gardner

First, an apology for not posting yesterday. Did I write? Yes. Did I post. No. And I felt bad about it all day. This blogging habit has become as regular as coffee in the morning so when I got distracted yesterday I felt a little off all day.

Right now I am reading Invisible Lives. It could be considered chick-lit but since I don’t really like that term, I call it women’s literature/romantic comedy.Ever since the first few pages I have been in author Anjali Banerjee’s world. Her book revolves around an Indian woman working in her mothers sari shop and her ability to read other women’s lives. When she describes the fabric of a particular sari, I can see it immediately and I am in the shop next to her.I’ve always loved this genre, I have read the “chick lit” genre started with Bridget Jones Diary but I think it started with Marian Keyes,Watermelon If you haven’t read Marian Keyes and you like to read funny, clever women’s literature it is a must.

Thanks to David Airey for his blogger birthday contest where I won a favicon ad on Chris’ blog, if you look on Chris’ blog you’ll see his icon ads on the left top . When I won I didn’t even know what a favicon was. So thanks to Chris patiently explaining it to me my little blue Royal typewriter icon now sits in front of my blogger address and on his site.And it was relatively easy and painless even for a beginning blogger like myself .Thanks Chris and David, both of their blogs are also very worth subscribing to. Very good info for bloggers!I’ll say it again, I always thought writers were so generous sharing their tips and do’s and don’t’s; the blogging community has also been very generous.

Today, I picked 3 words randomly out of the dictionary. Start a poem or a page with these 3 words, arrogant,freedom, bevy. Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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