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For Blog Action Day, my environmental issue is simple and it’s doable for anyone who eats out. In our restaurant we do our part for the environment, we recycle, compost, utilize product, shop local farmers markets, have changed our bulbs, and we re purpose when we can. For example, the four pack paper container we get glass bottles in we ask customers to use as drink carriers. And we encourage customers to bring in their own bag for carry-outs. I also water the plants with the water patrons leave in their glasses. Here’s what I can’t control. The wasting of food, drink and paper product.

I don’t know which giant restaurant chain started the FREE refills that most restaurants now are forced to implement just to compete in the market. Some chains go even further with fries as much as you can eat or ribs as much as you can eat. Which, in my opinion leads to obesity and waste.

How does wasting food/drink and paper impact the environment? I took away the paper products from the front because customers would grab a huge handful and then stuff the unused ones in their drink cup.The more product that is thrown out, the more soda that is taken and not drank because it’s FREE means more product needs to be made which means more manufacturing, more oil, more truck miles and more harm to the environment.

What can you do?

*Support local restaurants that buy local products.
*Dine at green restaurants if available. We’re not there yet, but working on it.
*Share dinners if the restaurant is known for large portions.
*Order what you can eat.
*Only take what you can drink even if that means you paid for FREE refills but don’t want anymore.
*If you’re getting a take-out order for home, tell the restaurant you don’t need the plastic ware, paper products and packets.

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