What Comes Along with Writing

A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.
Thomas Mann

When you don’t call yourself a writer you just write. But the minute it is your profession there is a whole lot of stuff that goes along with it. Fear, doubt, insanity, procrastination, guilt, and worry…endless worry. Speaking for myself of course.I vacillate between “I suck, why am I wasting my time” and “Just keep it up, greatness is around the corner” weekly. Thankfully, I have my inner nag to keep me going. What keeps you going when you want to quit?
Today, write about a job that you quit that you didn’t regret. And then write about a job you quit that you do regret. My former evil boss, who shall remain nameless for now…is still evil and verbally abusive. But I count on karma to set that straight.
Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

p.s. make the muffins below on Halloween morning for your little pumpkins or your favorite pumpkin.

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