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I hate to be a nag, but you have got to read. Like most authors, I run creative writing workshops from time to time, and speak, when invited to writers’ circles and at summer schools, and I’m continually amazed at the number of would-be writers who scarcely read. For ideas to germinate and proliferate there has to be fertile ground to sow them in, and for the ground to be fertile it must be mulched with observation, imagination, and other writing.

–Sarah Harrison

Being on vacation for the past week, meant a lot of free time for reading and writing. I found a funky filled to the rafters used and new bookstore in Eugene and spent many hours reading and just as many journaling when I wasn’t out exploring.
I missed a week of posts because of a last minute birthday jaunt to Eugene, Oregon, the Oregon coast and Portland. In a word in was FANTASTIC. Although I love Colorado Springs, it is not a “downtown centered” city and it was exciting to be in Portland after five years and see the huge urban renewal project that was just starting when I moved eight years ago. It’s also fun as a chef to see how hard restaurants try to out do each other in the food arena. And the seafood after being landlocked for eight years was pretty amazing. For a short trip, I have a lot of great memories.

Today, write about a vacation that was too short but still elicits great memories. Was it the food? or the people or the sites that you remember. Write as if you’re a travel writer and want people to visit your special place. Now get back to work!


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