Do You Just Need A Vacation?

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things. ~Robert Frost

Before I went on my mini-vacation I was writing but the poetry button seemed to be stuck. I was writing, editing, revising and submitting but as Robert Frost says it was tough…I was stuck in an interval. The last few days though words are flowing, at the bank line waiting for a teller, at red lights, during the lunch rush, I’m reaching for my little notebook and jotting down my thoughts. It feels good. Why the rush? I think because of my five days of doing nothing. Away from my computer, there was no hours of mindless websurfing, no checking emails, no pressure, no questions, no deadlines, no stress, no WORK, just the time to wander around coastal towns, bookstores, cafes, take long drives and walks on the beach, see old friends…maybe you need that too?

I read a wonderful post yesterday about giving yourself the permission to do nothing. The Importance of Doing Nothing. Today, what would you do if you could do no work for the next five days and money was not an issue? Would it free your brain, awaken your creativity, inspire you to write?
Now get back to doing nothing!

The Writing Nag

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