A Ream of Fresh Paper

In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book. I am a writer and I take up my pen to write. Pearl S. Buck

I guess that’s all it takes to keep writing, faith and hope and of course passion and persistence.As December looms…I start to panic, what haven’t I done this year? How did the year go by without my manuscript being finished? Why don’t I have more to show for in my writing journey this year?
And then January rolls around and I have new goals, new hope and faith that I will continue on the path. And I will crack open a ream of fresh paper and take up my pen to write.
This weekend I am reading Fruitflesh…seeds of inspiration for women who write by Gayle Brandeis. Each chapter takes a fruit starting with mango and ending with watermelon and first mediates on the fruit and how it can be related to your writing.Many examples of poetry, short stories and essays illustrate each chapter and prompts are interspersed throughout the pages.

Today, write about your favorite fruit. It could be an essay a poem or just a few paragraphs that might make their way into a short story or your manuscript. My poem Believe Me was inspired by the smell of my neighbor’s peach tree last summer.
Now get back to work!


The Writing Nag

“Believe Me”
by Patricia Kennelly

peaches taste better
if they’re stolen
from your neighbor’s tree
back towards the alley
where the chain-link fence
is broken

on a new moon night
find where black squirrels
have left half-gnawed,
half-ripe ones like
hansel-gretel crumbs

the limb hangs heavy
with the fuzzy globes
you push aside
the glossy leaves
to find one

my advice
eat it
in your garden

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2 Replies to “A Ream of Fresh Paper”

  1. Hi there…
    Wonderful post.

    It took me back to before my father passed away and the agony of knowing there would be no one to replace him.


    and who will carry my basket of winter apples –
    when my father is

    I hope to include this poem in the memoirs I’ve been working on since last year.


    julia ward – a BLINDING heart – a writer’s blog – http://www.ablindingheart.com

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