Writing Nag’s Pear and Cranberry Chutney

Writing Nag’s Pear and Cranberry Chutney

1 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 Bartlett pears, peeled and cut into small dice
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and cut into small dice
1 small onion, cut into small dice
2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
2 cups water
1 1/2-2 cups brown sugar
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/4 tsp. allspice
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch of ground cloves
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
2 12 oz bags whole cranberries
1/2 cup toasted walnuts, optional

Heat the vegetable oil over low heat and add the onion, pears, apples, and garlic. Cook gently for approximately 10 minutes or until the onion has softened. Add all the spices, water, sugar and vinegar and bring to a boil. Add cranberries, bring to a second boil and then turn down the heat. Simmer until cranberries have burst, stirring occasionally for approximately 20 minutes. Take off heat and stir in toasted walnuts. Serve at room temperature or refrigerate and serve chilled. Adjust the spices to your liking. Remove cinnamon sticks before serving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Writing Nag

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