What’s That Smell?

Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing. Sylvia Plath.

2007 is almost over and although I’m reminded by friends that I accomplished a lot this year, I am hard on myself and want to be sitting here with more clips, published works, and money to show for it.
Do you have writing that just needs to get out? Finish it and submit it or get rid of it. My end of year ritual is to clean out the closets in December to get one more box to the Goodwill. What if you cleaned out your computer and files the same way? One blogger sends all his work that never found a home to content sites so he can at least drive people to his blog and maybe make a little cash. Although some writers frown on that saying that the small amount he gets paid cheapens writers he wants to start over every year with fresh projects and new writing. My articles from 2003 that never found a home but are pretty timeless might find a home there. They aren’t good enough for print publications and believe me four years later I’m done with them.
Today, how can you clean up your computer and files so the ghosts of works past don’t haunt you when you’re trying to write? Set small goals daily so when January 2008 is here you will be ready to start anew and not be held back by your past. Now get back to work!

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