Writing Nag’s 9 Favorite Gifts for Writers

*Gift Cards- local book stores, coffee houses, computer and office supply stores. But movie or dinner certificates are always very welcome too.

*A Beautiful Pen, my favorites can be found at levenger.com.

*Magazine Subscriptions-sure the obvious ones… The Writer, Writer’s Digest but what about a subscription to something they write about a lot…Saveur or Fine Cooking for the food writer, Wired, for the tech writer, or a literary magazine subscription that they just love to read or aspire to be published in. The Sun. Glimmer Train Stories.

*Moleskine journal or another beautiful or practical journal. On my list this year…Email and Websites Journal (Mini-size)

Moleskine Large Plain Notebook Writing Journals Book (Moleskine Notebooks and Calendars)

*Voice Recorder or Head Phones…multi-tasking makes writers happier people.

*Reams of Paper and/or printer cartridges.

*Fancy files to hold acceptances and book contracts. My favorite anything from Cavallini & Company.Botanical Birds 12 File Folders with Vintage Designs Manila Folder Set Plain old manila folders work great for rejections.

*A week of a virtual assistant.

*A spa treatment or massage.

The Writing Nag

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