Discovering You’re A Writer

I received this beautiful letter this morning, I am posting it with Cathy’s permission because I think it will be helpful to other readers/writers who struggle with self-esteem issues. Except for the author of the letter…names have been changed.

Dear Writing Nag,

Hi Just a few moments ago I realized I am a writer!
I have had many people, friends and family tell me so over
the years but I never took them seriously. I never admitted it-ever.
And I realized this because of your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
Everything about it makes my heart leap for joy.
Right down to the pens and notebooks!
If you came to my apartment you would see books and books,
journals, composition notebooks, folders, more poetry books,
more steno pads, library books, 10 different Bible versions,
pens of all kinds, and writings everywhere. Even on the walls!
Whether I have written it or someone else.
I have been writing since I was 16 and have been told
wow Cathy you should try to get that published.
Ya right I said to’s not that good. In the trash it went.
Self esteem issues have plagued me my whole life (if you haven’t noticed)
and if you haven’t it’s because I have become a master at covering it up.
But, now I can say thanks to you and your blog–I am a writer.
I write day and night..I get up in the middle of the night and write..last night it was 4:30 AM and Molly and I were walking outside listening to the quiet.
Risky and exhilarating all at the same time!
Sometimes I think of things and can’t write them down just then and forget
them later on..that is the most frustrating thing of all!
I write mostly truth..I love to write about other people..I love to write about love.
I am trying to write about Sam ..I have been asking him some serious questions the
past couple of days..he hasn’t said go jump in a lake or leave me alone yet. He is actually answering my questions. I guess it’s because people really do love to talk about and validate their own lives. (as I am doing right now!)I wrote a very,very short story today and a poem. Thanks Writing Nag. Thanks so very much.
Thanks for helping me find the courage to look in the mirror and say Hey! Cathy! You’re a freaking writer! And you love it!

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