Writing Nag’s 2008 Blogging Goals

When I started blogging six months ago at Writing Nag I never thought I’d be able to blog daily but finding a focus for my blog changed everything. Writing Daily. I used my blog to practice what I preached. If I was at least blogging daily I was writing daily but then a funny thing happened, I was at the computer anyways so I started finishing work and yes submitting it. I began publishing pieces that languished on my hard drive for years, I participated in online critique groups, worked with a creativity coach, started a new business, and made steps towards my final goal of a MFA in Creative Writing. I also made some good friends in the blogging community.All because of my simple little writing blog. Next year I hope to bring you even more inspiration, motivation and writing prompts so you too can achieve your writing goals.

2008 Blogging Goals

*Google PageRank of 5
*Alexa Rank under 300,000
*5 Posts Per Week
*Increase my RSS Subscribers to 300
*Technorati Rank under 70,000
*1000 Daily Page Views

How you can help?

*Link to Writing Nag on your blog
*Subscribe to my RSS Feed
*Comment on my posts
*Forward the link to your writing buddies
*Vote for Me on Blog for a Year
*Stumble a post you find interesting
*Join my communities

Thanks to all who commented, linked and supported Writing Nag’s goals for 2007.
The Writing Nag

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