A movie star & a rock star

“Those who don’t read good books have little advantage over those who can’t read them.”
–Mark Twain

My first celebrity sighting at the restaurant! Dan Futterman, Oscar winning actor, screenwriter and producer ate lunch at our place yesterday with some other writers/actors that were in town for the Dave Schultz International Memorial at the Olympic Training Center. I’m a HUGE fan of Mr. Futterman’s t.v. work (played Amy’s brother, a struggling writer in Judging Amy) his most recent movie role (A Mighty Heart) he starred opposite Angelina Jolie as Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearlman who was tragically slain.

I could hardly croak the words out how much I admire him as an actor. You think you’re not star struck until you’re placed in that situation.

Also saw U2-3D this weekend. As a lifelong U2 fan I highly recommend it. Bono is a ROCK STAR.

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