Blogging Yourself to a Heart Attack…

A writer’s mind seems to be situated partly in the solar plexus and partly in the head. ~Ethel Wilson

I don’t consider myself a serious blogger, I have a full time job, and now a part time job being a student. Most mornings I blog to help kick-start the writing process. It would be great to have the money “professional bloggers” make but at what cost? In yesterday’s New York Times an article about how stressing about posting could have brought on this professional bloggers heart attack at 41.

One of the first forms of poetry I will be studying is found text poetry. Today, read about the form and then experiment with writing a poem in this way.
My poem Stone House is now online, it’s been published online before but you might be interested in the site, Mom Writers Literary Magazine.
Now get back to work!
The Writing Nag

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2 Replies to “Blogging Yourself to a Heart Attack…”

  1. Maybe you want to find a few minutes to pass on some gems about found poetry. It’s not something I’ve read anything about. The closest I’ve come to it is the technique Bowie and others used, cut-ups, where they take a text, literally cut it up, and then rearrange it to make a poem.

  2. Honestly, blogs don’t make all that much. I worked my tail off for peanuts. While some people can score decent cash (the best I ever saw was $400 a month for 8 posts monthly), most pay around $5/post.

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