Drenched in Words

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment.
Hart Crane, American Poet (1899-1932)

It’s been one week since I arrived home from Vermont and the self-study is challenging. Life and work definitely get in the way. I designed my curriculum for this semester and I’ll know better next time, I was very ambitious. By Friday I need to post some original work to be critiqued and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. In the past, poetry has come pretty easy to me but I wasn’t studying poetry and doing so much reading at the same time. I did receive Leslea Newman’s book, Writing from the Heart, from the library and I’ll be using many of her exercises for writing prompts. Because April is National Poetry Month many poets are writing a poem a day. Since April 1, I’ve jotted down some ideas but I may need to take out my dowsing rods and find my well of inspiration.Last summer I pumped out a poem a day as a personal challenge, maybe I can try for 15 poems for the last 15 days of the month. Adapted from Leslea Newman’s book today list 10 things you find pleasurable and then pick one and have a character experience it. Write one delicious page of pleasure taking time to write all of the details and engage all of the senses. One example from my list: everything bagels, coffee and the New York Times on Sunday morning. If you’re in the poetic mood use your list of pleasures and work them into a list poem. Now get back to work!
The Writing Nag

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