Key Ingredient Makes Posting Recipes Easy

As part of my semester work I had to work in a science and what better science for a chef than the study of gastronomy. One of the ways I’m discussing the science of food is through lost recipes. So when I found this site that makes it really easy to add your Food Recipe I was excited. For food and recipe bloggers it has it all built in, I could have added a picture of this delicious pear and cranberry chutney and also added more descriptive copy. You can choose to make your recipe public or just share it will friends and family. Maybe this could be the start of a multi-generation family cookbook.

Although this is usually a holiday chutney it would also go great with summertime grilled chicken, turkey and pork tenderloin. I’m looking forward to enhancing my recipes with Key Ingredient. And also looking at the other cooks delicious family recipes. I’m working on adding my childhood neighbors Molasses Chews, of course I’ll have to bake a batch first, photograph them, do a little taste tasting with a cold glass of milk and then I’ll post it here.

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2 Replies to “Key Ingredient Makes Posting Recipes Easy”

  1. Super post ! If you have recipes, you got my attention. I have loads of them. Read them, save them, cook them. It ‘s all about recipes.

    How did the Molasses Chews come out? I have some old recipes also. I have a blog about recipes also that you might enjoy.

  2. Thanks Jsanders,
    What is the blog? I haven’t made the Molasses Chews yet but I’m planning to.I’ll be posting lots more recipes this summer.

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