Finally Good Short Story Advice

I just finished Ron Carlson Writes a Story-From the first glimmer of an idea to the final sentence and I’m motivated to do some rewrites.

This small book, only 112 pages walks the writer through Ron Carlson’s “a master of the short story” process. Page by page Ron gives practical advice by using his short story The Governor’s Ball as an example. When I was done I had some great ideas for my struggling short. What I really liked about the book is how he worked through each sentence, each paragraph and each bit of dialogue. How do you move the story along, how do you build character, how do you end it?

I also liked how he wrote about his struggles and wanting to get up from the desk. His advice “the most important thing a writer can do after completing a sentence is to stay in the room.” When you are faced with temptation to just go get a cup of coffee, see what’s on t.v. or weed the garden Ron says refuse the outside distractions. Easier said than done, yes but after reading this book I felt empowered to stay in the room. I think this book is a keeper, I will reference it again.

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