I need to loaf…

Loafing is the most productive part of a writer’s life. ~James Norman Hall

I just turned in my final paper for the semester and I love this quote. I need a day off today, yes I believe in writing everyday but the last 15 weeks have been challenging. I’ve already planned a celebratory dinner tonight and after a few chores around the house, I’m going to do nothing…

Today what would you do if you could have the entire day off to loaf and money’s no object. Where would you be? I think I would be on the river in a canoe with someone else paddling or maybe in the Greek isles, Santorini with someone planning my lunch, or a cafe in Florence watching tourists go by and eating a gelato, maybe back in Ireland sitting by the river planning which pub to go to for a pint. Another thought on my parents couch listening to the lull of family in the kitchen. I’m sleepy now, I think I’ll head for a closer venue the hammock in the back yard watching the finches and gazing at the sunflowers starting to open.

The Writing Nag

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