The illusion of control

Writing gives you the illusion of control, and then you realize it’s just an illusion, that people are going to bring their own stuff into it.
David Sedaris, interview in Louisville Courier-Journal, June 5, 2005

It’s Sunday and I haven’t written anything since Wednesday. I have a hard time blogging here because I’m not in my space so I’m guessing my regular posts won’t happen until next week. Today for a few hours I ran away from campus with some friends and escaped to Montpelier, ate amazing local organic food, bought a poetry book, some postcards and felt like I was on vacation. The photos will have to wait…ahead of me a poetry reading and the beginning of my study plan for next semester.

Today, think about where you could go for a couple of hours and retreat into yourself…it could be as simple as choosing to go to a different coffee shop or checking out the new writing books at the library or the bookstore. Now get back to work!

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