Collage to Inspire, Reduce Anxiety and Have Fun

I just finished my first collage for this packet work. When it was finished to my surprise I had another idea for a poem. In my relaxed state of cutting paper, arranging colors, words and pictures I let go of my anxiety.

When facing a creative block or feeling stressed about your writing the urge to flee or do nothing (resistance) can be overwhelming. Sometimes a walk around the block is enough to get me to the next level. But when it doesn’t work I discovered last semester that working with paper, scissors and glue reduces my stress and provides another creative outlet.

You’ll need magazines, scrap paper, scissors, glue, a small block of time, and an open mind. This collage is for you, don’t think too much about how it compares to another artist’s work. It can simply be fun.

1.Go through magazines and pull or cut out images you like, don’t think too much about this,pick colors, pictures, words that speak to you.

2.Randomly place pictures, words, scrap paper, into a pattern that pleases you. Some beginning collage artists suggest looking at magazine ads for layout ideas, but this can also be intimidating. Don’t glue anything yet.

3.Leave the collage unglued for a couple of hours or even a day.

4.When you come back glue the images in place. You might find a new layout looks even better after an incubation time.

5. Set the timer for thirty minutes and write about your collage.

Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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One Reply to “Collage to Inspire, Reduce Anxiety and Have Fun”

  1. Photography does the same thing for me. Working with images instead of words can be such a wonderful mind-shift.

    Confession: Collages scare me. Not other people’s but the thought of creating one myself. Eek!

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