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I’m not turning my blog into a photo blog but I am using my photos to write a poem, when I started posting photos of October or why I love October the first few pics were easy…now with 16 days left to post I’m really having to stretch my brain. The obvious leaves and pumpkins but what is it about October that makes it my favorite time of year? There is a feeling about October for me contentment, gratitude, appreciation of beauty, that isn’t there the other months of the year. Using the photos as a jumping off point I hope to verbalize my feelings by tapping into my passion for October.

Do you have a passion for what you are writing? In Carol Bly’s book The Passionate, Accurate Story, Bly suggests going deeper than the “first idea that occurs to you while writing.” Jack Heffron in The Writer’s Idea Book writes “she suggests pushing deeper, where you will find a more original and compelling idea.”

My goal for this semester was to get into this deep writing mindset, I am doing that by daily journaling, poetry and collage. How can you tap into this deep writing mindset? Or are you already there? Today, outline a piece of “finished” writing.In this writing did you write the easy stuff or did you get a little deeper into your thoughts? Rewrite. Look at the two pieces of writing side by side which one is more interesting? Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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