10 Things I Love That Start With The Letter H

Hazelnuts- heart healthy hazelnuts make everything taste better and it’s half the ingredient of chocolaty Nutella

Happy Birthday’s-especially mine, an excuse to eat a lot of cake, feel special and celebrate another year

Halloween-from the first candy bar to the last trick-or-treater, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays which brings me to…

Holidays- the tradition of each one starting with champagne and a kiss on New Year’s Day to my favorite holiday, Christmas, gingerbread cookies, decorated tree, parties,

History-learning about where we came from and what people overcame is always inspiring to me, all the stories they didn’t teach us about in history class but should have

Honey-from exotic flavors to local wild flower honey, drizzle some on pancakes or slip a teaspoon into tea- honey is comforting, go bees

Home- my house, it’s little, cozy, old, and wonderful to come home to every night

Hot Springs- Colorado is home to a lot of them and I plan on taking advantage of every single one of them

Hello’s-hello’s mean new friends and old, family visits and a welcoming feeling

Hope-“The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” Allan K. Chalmers

Thanks to Lauri for the fun meme

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