Slow Blogging

Maybe to ease my guilty conscience for not posting as often as I usually do… the New York Sunday Times had an excellent article on a new movement that’s starting to gain hold slow blogging.

I am going back to my original idea of what my creative arts blog will be…a place for me to work on creative writing projects, writing prompts, poetry and photography stuff and inspirational quotes.I’m taking this holiday weekend off from blogging but I’ll be back on Monday with a new creative writing post. Happy Thanksgiving! Now get back to your turkey or tofurky carving!

I just signed on as an affiliate with my favorite creative site, Artella. This was a no brainer because I tell anyone who will listen about this fun, creative writing, poetry and art site. Check it out by clicking on the Artellaland banner!

Sign up your blog or website be an affiliate for Artella!

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