Does Writer’s Block Exist?

Writer’s block is a disease for which there is no cure, only respite. ~Laurie Wordholt

I have a very productive writing friend that says there’s no such thing as writer’s block we just make excuses not to finish work. But in the last week, I had such a resistance to a piece of writing that nothing was going to help. I spent hours rewriting one sentence, only to edit it out in the end. Sometimes I think its better to face another blank page instead of trying to rewrite something that isn’t working.

What are your thoughts?
The Writing Nag

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2 Replies to “Does Writer’s Block Exist?”

  1. Writer’s Block is a very real thing. I can stare at a page for hours without writing anything.

    I personally have to either wait for the writing bug to bite or for someone to force me into writing something. Though, I find that when I’m forced the writing is not as good.

  2. Writer’s block is a myth and only exists if you believe it is real. I reject all ideas of self-imposed blocks, or lack of creativity.

    Limitation is also a myth. I believe in expansiveness and allow myself to be expansive:)

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