The Year of the Ox

Tomorrow marks the official Chinese New Year, the year of the Earth Ox. So clean your desk today and get ready for a new year. According to some it’s bad luck to clean on Chinese New Year but if you clean before you are getting ready for the benefits of the new year.

Year of the Ox. Patience, diligence, hard work, all good reminders to slow down and work towards your goals. Don’t expect instant results. The years of instant gratification are over.

Will this be the year that your hardworking writing style pays off? What will you do differently this year to succeed as a writer.

Happy New Year!
The Writing Nag

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3 Replies to “The Year of the Ox”

  1. I for one am planning on having a great year, and knowing it’s the year of the Ox is something I can file away and remind myself about when I need to work diligently.

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