Pep Talks, Warnings and Screeds

I couldn’t sleep last night, that is I slept from 10:30 p.m.-3:15 a.m. and then I was wide awake. I always think that at these times I’ll get up, go to the computer and write brilliant prose. Didn’t happen…instead I went to the computer surfed the Internet, checked on my content articles, checked email, and went back to bed. I then lay there for two hours thinking of poems. I “wrote” some in my head that I thought were fantastic, really amazing, and then fell fast asleep. This morning I can’t remember any of them. I know people talk about writing great stuff on their notebook next to their bed…it’s never happened for me. Has anyone ever written a poem or a story from their night notebook? If you have please comment on this post. Just curious.

Today, a prompt. Ever since a friend recommended Gary Provost’s classic writing book Make Your Words Work: Proven Techniques for Effective Writing-For Fiction and Nonfiction
I’ve been reading it almost every day. In his section on Appealing to the Senses Gary writes “sight is the sense we use most” but when you are starting an article or a story you should lead the reader into your world by using touch, smell and sound as well. Of course he cautions that this can be overdone so its just a reminder that your readers want a world that they recognize.

Today write an introductory few paragraphs, a start of a story or an article that uses this creative writing advice. You can pick an environment like a coffee shop, a farmer’s market, or a Grateful Dead show to use all five senses. Or you can use something that’s in your own book or on your list to write about. If you’re stuck use the photo on this post.

The last few days I’ve also been reading this book, yes it’s another book from Writer’s Digest on “creative writing advice” but the presentation is very unique. Short funny chapters, cleverly illustrated and a quick read.

One “warning” that I thought was good. Don’t worry about not having business cards. Writers have business cards they’re called books. In other words don’t get caught up in the trappings of “being a writer.” Just write. Now get back to work!

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  1. Yes I have writtn several poems and a couple short stories from my “dream journal”. I often wake up around 3 a.m.(not intentionally) It’s a very creative time for me. I used to do as you did and wait to write it the next day…doesn’t work. I’ve also gotten story ideas so as you can probably tell I’m all for keeping a notebook by the bed. But in a pinch an envelope, napkin or anything that you can write on will do.

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