“There is no must in art because art is free”
Wassily Kandinsky

FREE is the magic word in marketing and advertising. Buy one get the second one FREE. FREE cup of coffee when you buy 12. The FREE box at a garage sale will almost guarantee you will stop and look at their other treasures. The FREE dinner when you listen to a sales pitch will fill the restaurant. We love FREE. But what does free mean to you Tea Party Magazine’s theme for the next issue is FREE. Free speech, art made with free supplies, anything and everything you can create using your interpretation of FREE.
Deadline is March 20th. If you work well with a deadline, try submitting a poem, art piece, short story, essay, etc. submission details at their website. No submission fee it’s FREE.

Today, brainstorm on the word FREE. Try an acrostic poem for a warm-up exercise. Acrostic poems, you might remember from grade school are simple poems where the letters of the word form a phrase or a word. Your acrostic can tell a story or define the word. While simplistic and not suitable for a literary journal, acrostics can be a creative and fun way to get started.


Or think of items you were given for free, could you spin a story or a poem off of a free item? Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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