Would You Like a Poem With That?

Having the laptop here has been wonderful, I can sit at my desk in the dorm room and work on my study plan really early or really late in my pajamas….and I thought it would help me to post more often which hasn’t happened. The amount of information that I took in in the last week has been overwhelming and it will probably take about a week of being back home in my space to get it out to you. When I come back to my room after a full day of workshops, readings, adviser meetings and meals I am tired, really tired and often the last thing I want to do is post to my blog. We read last night which is always a little scary for me but since I got to read a collaborative poem with Yvonne it made it a lot less scary. The amount of talented people at Goddard is pretty amazing and I’m reminded of that every day…creative energy is very powerful.
The title of this post is the title of my very first published chapbook, a collaborative project that Phyllis, publisher of two poets press put together as part of her study plan last semester. It felt really good to see my name along with Yvonne’s on a beautiful poetry chapbook. Thanks again Phyllis!
I hope to post once more before I leave Vermont.

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