Making Money with YouData

Because I’m on the Internet a lot, I hear about and dismiss many of the making money online sites, many of them are not worth the time or hassle and yes, I’m supposed to be writing! Many are scams or you have to give them personal information. So far my favorite has been eHow, they pay monthly through Paypal on time with no hassle and the minimum you have to make to get a payout is only $10.00 every month. This is unlike many of the writing sites where you have to make $25-$50 before they pay. On eHow I just read about this new site Youdata where you get paid to look at advertisements and a little bit more if you click through to the website…I just started yesterday but the word online is you make around $7-10 a week not very much but really easy money. I consider it coffee or new book money.

If you decide to try it please use my name because of course they have a referral program. I already got paid through PayPal today and I started yesterday. I just read they pay every Friday. I’ll let you know after this month if its worth the time.

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