7 Questions for Creative Writing Accountability

Now that school is over until October I am intent on organizing my office and getting rid of clutter. I found this paper from an accountability group I was a member of a few years ago. I thought these questions could easily relate to your writing life.

1. What one think could you do this week to feel more organized? feel less stressed? help your finances?

2. What have you been procrastinating? Why? Can you schedule this task or ask for help in getting it done?

3. What are you missing in your creative life?

4. When I think about ____________________, I feel overwhelmed.

5. I’d like to call/email/write _________________.

6. If I was my boss, I would have fired myself for _____________.

7. One habit that I could change that would positively impact my writing goals is __________.

Knowing what your goals are is the first step in succeeding as a writer. Today, as a writing warm up set the timer for 10 minutes and write without stopping starting each line with the words I wish…now get back to work!

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