Ink Smears-The Poem

While I wait for my computer to update
as it wants, craves
the newest version, the latest release

I test myself with the ancient tools
pen and paper
far away from the silent keys
of my keyboard

keys that are not really silent
that make a click-click-click if you type really fast
and if you are in a hurry and hit the wrong key
they ring an ancient typewriter bell
the ding! when you finally arrived at the end of the row
and you grasped the carriage return lever
pulling or was it pushing?
with much authority
and a strong feeling of accomplishment
pulling or pushing hard
to the next row
as if to saylook at me…I just typed a line
something I rarely feel with my silent keys
or my pen and paper
paper is silent
and ink smears

Now get back to work!
The Writing Nag

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