Labor Day Weekend

Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life. William Hazlitt

I have off for the holiday, four wonderful days off. Yesterday I took a poetry workshop on “how to title poems” that was informative, fun and inspiring. And I spent an hour weeding (very much overdue) today, my biggest goal is to clean my office…a big editing project has left me with weeks of mail to go through, notes, receipts and piles and piles of paperwork. Does anyone ever really get caught up with paperwork? I also made another goal for this holiday weekend. Work on fun creative writing. Notes from the poetry workshop this week…

Today, consider writing in another voice. What observations would you make if you wrote in a voice quite different than your own?

My next door neighbor Sophie, a Great Pyrenees rescue dog has caught the writing bug and started her own blog.

The Writing Nag

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