Paying for college

“Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you’ll be surprised at how little you have.” Ernest Haskins

My new school year starts Friday, October 2nd, which meant I had to painfully cough up $1135.25 this morning to clear my account or I wouldn’t be able to register. What I didn’t do this year is apply for scholarships or grants and now I’m regretting it. Although I worked a part-time editing job the last three months to make it easier, everything went up this semester, the transportation costs to get to school, room and board, tuition, technology fees, loan origination fees for student loans…you get the point. While I looked at for scholarships and grants throughout the summer I never followed through with any of them so now I’m looking early for next semester at

Now if only 4,204 people visit from my blog for ways to fund their education and find money for college…

Remember the reputable scholarship sites are FREE. Don’t pay money to anyone who says that they can find you a scholarship. It takes work and a lot of follow through but there are scholarships out there if you really want to go to college and fund your education.

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