Rainy cold October

The most beautiful of all is the music of what happens. Irish proverb

There is one full day left of the residency and I have found it hard, no…difficult, to write here. This afternoon I got caught in a rainstorm that left me soaking wet, my sneakers are soggy and the lower half of my body is numb with cold. Thinking, writing, researching, and living your study plan for a week is pretty intense and I feel that words fail me every time I sit down to post.I hope to be back to regular posting on October 15th. Before I got drenched, I took some pictures on my walk to the library. No matter how many times you see the autumn leaves in New England you are still struck speechless by their beauty.

Today a poetry prompt courtesy of poet Walter Butts’ poetry workshop.

Write a poem that includes all of the following:

  • something mechanical
  • something scientific
  • a rock, jazz or blues song
  • grocery store or bakery
  • an article of clothing
  • an animal
  • automobile or train
  • type of weather

Now get back to work! I need to go change my socks. Lovingly,The Writing Nag

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