A Room Where I Want To Go

“I often think of a poem as a door that opens into a room where I want to go.”
Minnie Bruce Pratt

I am so grateful for another day off this week, I have a lot of schoolwork to complete before Monday and just as much editing work due the same day. Thanks to Glynis for posting a video on procrastination which I found when I was procrastinating writing my essay. As part of our senior study we are required to write an essay entitled “Writer in the World,” which explains to your writing community who you are as a writer, why you write and how you add to the writing community.

Today, consider the answer to these questions. Why do you write? What do you add to your community and/or the world as a writer? How do you think your writing will influence other people? Who influences your writing? Who is your audience? Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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