Santa loves a reader-Win You Better Not Cry!

It’s not easy to write funny but if you want a great example of prose that can make you laugh and let you feel your past Christmases weren’t so bad consider reading You Better Not Cry this holiday season. I’m pretty sure that even your worst Christmas won’t compare to Augusten Burroughs moving and nostalgic holiday stories.
If you’re a fan of Running With Scissors, Wolf at the Table and Magical Thinking you will want to check out one of my favorite author’s, Augusten Burroughs. His new book, You Better Not Cry, from St. Martin’s Press is a collection of poignant and hilarious Christmas tales written in the inimitable style that is only Augusten Burroughs. And yes his holidays get progressively worse.
Not surprisingly here is how he launched his new book.
Today, consider rewriting about a past Christmas that wasn’t too fun. Turn the negative memory around and write funny, now don’t you feel better? and then enter the sweepstakes to Win a copy of You Better Not Cry for yourself, a friend or a family member, as the video says “Santa loves a reader.”
Now get back to work!
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