How to generate ideas?

But how shall I get ideas? Keep your wits open! Observe! Observe! Study! Study! But above all, Think! Think! And when a noble image is indelibly impressed upon the mind –Act!–Orison Swett Marden

I think the most important word in this idea quote is ACT. So many ideas are lost because the writer doesn’t act upon them. Ways to control your ideas…the most obvious carry a notebook where ever you go. Jot down words, phrases, conversations, sentences that can inspire you when the writing gets tough. I also keep a bulletin board next to my desk with images, ephemera, quotes. Reading in a different genre can also spark ideas. Take a walk in another neighborhood, eat at a restaurant you normally wouldn’t choose, look for opportunities for new adventures.

Creative prompts can be found in most writing-craft books and also online. Some of my favorites:

Creative Writing Prompts

Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain
Jump Start Your Brain
The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity [10th Anniversary Edition]
Now get back to work with your new ideas!
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